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Autumn Lake: A Game Environment Design Journey - Chapter 1:

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Discovering Design

Our journey begins with a simple but engaging goal: to create an immersive, Zen-like VR environment for a casual game. Picture a setting so calm, so peaceful that you can almost hear the rustling leaves and feel the cool breeze. A place where your worries would disappear, replaced by a tranquil moment in time.

The setting? An idyllic lakeside view during the autumn season - the heart of our project. The plan? To construct a beautiful and immersive environment featuring a myriad of assets including an intricately crafted terrain, a range of diverse foliage and trees, modular wooden platforms, a quaint pier, assorted rocks, and simple props for embellishment.

My role in this project encompasses various skills - level and environment design, storytelling, asset creation, lighting and shader work, particle effects, and creating fauna. Each of these aspects contributes towards building a cohesive, visually stunning environment that genuinely encapsulates the essence of serenity.

The game zone is the epicenter of this natural environment, framed by the harmonious sounds of chirping birds. At its heart lies a greenish lake, a captivating contrast against the earthy reddish terrain. Above, a light blue sky casts its hue over the scene, contrasting with the red and yellow tones of the surrounding trees and foliage.

Initial sketches of the environment.

Mid-journey references to bring our vision to life.

The process began with a basic blockout and gradually evolved, one piece at a time. The game zone was established as the central point, with the rest of the environment being meticulously designed around it.

To the left of the lake, there is a towering tree that adds a touch of tranquillity to the setting. It's placed slightly higher than the rest of the terrain, creating a secluded space accessed by stone pavements and steps.

To the right, a charming pier extends into the lake, with a boat gently bobbing at its side. It's a picture-perfect spot that enhances the overall ambiance of tranquility.

As we continue to navigate our way through this design journey, we are still in the process of experimenting with various colors and shapes to further define the environment. But rest assured, the base design for our next stage is underway and set to amplify the immersive experience.

Stay tuned to see the evolution of our VR environment as we proceed to the next stage, moving from the exploration of our base design to defining the final details. In the end, our hope is to create a virtual space that provides an unforgettable experience of calm and tranquility to all who visit.

Stay with us on this journey as we continue to discover, design, and delve deeper into the creation of Autumn Lake.

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